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Bat Wall Art pack of 30

Bat Wall Art pack of 30


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Pack of 30 bats. 10 x 30cms, 10 x 20cms and 10 x 12cms.

Create a cloud of bats to fly around the room or hover round the entrance to your Halloween cave. Perfect to set the spooky mood and totally terrify your guests.

Directions for use.

Bend back the wings of the bat along the crease line to create an in flight effect. Affix the glue dot to the centre panel and stick to surface. We recommend that you patch test the glue dot on the chosen surface prior to installation to ensure no permanent residue will be left behind. Material: Paper - 100% recyclable - remove glue tab before recycling.


As these bats are manufactured by our team here in Bournemouth please don't hesitate to call us for special pricing if you are looking for a bulk purchase or a large quantity that are unpackaged. 

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