Balloons & The Environment

Balloons & the Environment

We don’t believe that a great party should cost the earth and that’s why we would never condone or advocate the release of balloons and will never partake in any event involving mass balloon release.

We are proud to be members of PEBA (Pro Environmental Balloon Alliance) and take our responsibility as a balloon retailer and supplier seriously.  We are striving to make our business as environmentally friendly as we can, with this in mind we avoid wherever possible, purchasing single use plastic, use FSC certified paper for our products and encourage you to recycle all the products you purchase from us.

Be part of the change.

How to care for and dispose of your balloon.

Pin It & Bin It – never let go of your balloon, ensure your balloon is tightly secured to a stationary object or weighted down.

When it’s time to say goodbye to your latex balloon display, deflate and place in your council rubbish bin.  It will  safely decompose in the landfill, how long this takes is dependant on soil type and temperature.

Foil balloons will need to be deflated and placed into a plastic bag and then into your council rubbish bin.  Alternatively, you can deflate any foil balloons (either by letting them deflate naturally or by very carefully opening up the valve) and pack them away to be used again at a later date.  We will happily re-inflate your foil balloons for you next time around.

Please help protect the planet while you party.